What Matters More, Perception or Reality?

Winning Habitudes


Which would you rather be?

Driver number 1

  • drives the 2013 Honda Civic that he has paid it off
  • has a 2 bedroom house with no mortgage
  • makes $50,000 a year
  • has excellent credit

Driver number 2

  • Drives the Mercedes AMG, has 5 years left to pay it off
  • Has a 5 bedroom house with hundreds of thousands left to pay
  • Makes $200,000 a year
  • Has poor credit

Sadly many people would choose to be driver number 2 because of what it looks like in spite of the reality that driver number 1 is more wealthy.

Don’t lead others into a perceived image of yourself.  Don’t live beyond your means just to portray a perceived image.  Your circumstances will never change until your thinking is changed.



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