Who am I?

I am an Information Technology Professional, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Strategist, Techie, Visionary, Opportunist, Adventurer, Geek, Pilot, and Airplane, Jeep and Motorcycle Enthusiast in Columbus Ohio

Insatiably Curious.
Perpetually Connected.
Driven to Succeed.
Logically Minded.

I've also been told I'm a pretty cool guy.
Just ask my mom!

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Whether you like your coffee iced and your beer warm or you're more of a water with lemon type of person, it’s all about the conversation. Let's get together and talk.

I’m always looking for adventures and opportunities. I am not afraid to take risks. If you have an idea, contact me - let's make it happen!

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I'd love to hear about your project, adventure or just chat!

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    “We all exist in our own personal reality of craziness”

    In my spare time, I spend to much time online and playing with the latest technology. I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping, flying my airplane (Piper Cherokee), travelling to new and interesting places, random road trips, and I am always looking for new adventures.

    I love meeting new people with similar interest who want to create adventures.

    My previous adventures have included: spending the sunset lounging on the beach of a wilderness island watching packs of wild horses gallop up and down the beach; canoed on a 10 day wilderness adventure in the northern tier; drove a car from Los Angeles to Akron following old Route 66; herded cattle on a ranch in Colorado; been in a traffic jam on the M1 in England on my way to spend the night in a castle; had my picture on the front page of USA Today, in the New York Times and dozens of other papers; talked to the President of the USA on the phone; played Charades in the Ohio Governors Mansion with the Governors family; managed political campaigns with a 100% win rate; been backpacking in the Grand Tetons and Appalachian mountains; rappelled off a cliff; gone white water rafting; gambled in Las Vegas and won money; been deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico; visited Area 51 in the Nevada desert, but didn't see any UFO's; been the guest of the Bahamas government flying by private airplane touring many of the islands and experiencing the local culture.

    "Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do."
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    I pride myself on my versatility in the technology industry

    I'm a self-starting innovator who is a goal-driven professional with a proven ability and general passion for information technology. Enthusiastic about making technology work for people while thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to solve problems and develop effective solutions.

    I have proven experience with implementing technology in the areas manufacturing, financial services, transportation and logistics while integrating technology in all areas of business and commerce.

    I started entrepreneurial ventures when I was 7 years old going door to door selling random rocks I collected in my yard. I offered them for 10 cents a piece or two for a quarter. I only managed to sell two – for a quarter.

    Throughout my life I've spent many days working with my father, a successful attorney based in Akron, Ohio. There I gained a great work ethic and extensive experience in the law.

    While in high school and working part time in my dads law office, I consulted businesses and professionals (mainly accountants, lawyers and doctors) on their I/T needs and fixing their computer systems. At this point, all of my I/T experience was self-taught.

    I attended the University of Akron where I focused on Business Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Law. While attending college, I came up with a business concept of a cybercafe. I opened the Hard Drive Cafe, one of the first cybercafes in the USA, in the summer of 1997. I sold it five years later and returned to consulting and then moved to Columbus to take on various roles in the I/T industry.

    I have worked with and consulted hundreds of companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, on their information technology needs.

    I have also started up or been part of many start-ups and businesses. Everything from retail kiosks in malls, electronic music events, a record label, Electronics suppliers, fund raising organizations for non-profits, vinyl decal manufacturing and many more. Most were grown and sold or merged into other businesses.

    My work experience and technical resume is available upon request.

    My favorite thing in the world is a good adventure, which helps explain why I've fallen in love with entrepreneurship
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    Memberships and Honors

    “It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them” Mark Twain

    I have had a chance to be a part of some great organizations. I try to give back more than I receive from any organization I am a part of.

    My current memberships and honors include:

     Member Microsoft ITAC (IT Advisory Council)
     Member Intel Premier IT Professionals
     Boy Scouts of America - Eagle Scout
     Member Adoniram Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio, 32nd Degree
     International Order of DeMolay – Chevalier Award
     FAA Licensed Pilot
     Member Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
     Lifetime Member of Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
     Elected Board of Directors Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 9
     Adult advisor to the youth organization Aviation Venture Crew 905 – Boy Scouts of America
     FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (KB8KTC)

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    Adventure List

    "Adventure is worthwhile in itself" - Amelia Earhart

    A bucket list conveys some sort of finale – Death! I prefer to call it an adventure list since it is a continually growing and evolving list of adventurous activities. I don’t want to die when I complete it, I want to be able to create even more great adventures. I know as I participate in some of these adventures, it will make me think of new adventures I want to do.

    An adventure list doesn’t necessarily have to be doing stuff totally abnormal, crazy or outlandish - just something out of your normal, everyday routine. It could be as simple as grabbing dinner at a local restaurant. I try to make even the most common things a fun adventure.

    1 - Do a Police Car ride along
    2 - Be in a movie
    3 - Write a book
    4 - Backpack the Grand Tetons Accomplised!
    5 - Drive a Dog sled in Alaska
    6 - Start a non profit
    7 - Walk on a glacier
    8 - Get SCUBA certified
    9 - Attend the Olymics
    10 - Stand at the North and South Pole
    11 - Visit Tony Packos Accomplished!
    12 - Drive a car 200+ mph
    13 - Get a motorcycle endorsement Accomplished!
    14 - Get a CDL-A
    15 - Get a pilot’s license Accomplished!
    16 - Fly in an fighter jet
    17 - Fly in a MIG over Russia
    18 - Fly in a hot air balloon
    19 - Fly a PPC
    20 - Go skydiving
    21 - Visit all 7 continents
    22 - Attend Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio Accomplished!
    23 - Eat shark fin soup
    24 - Drive the Darian Gap
    25 - Drive to Prudhoe Bay, AK
    26 - Go to all 50 states
    27 - Build a plane
    28 - Learn a second language fluently
    29 - Be on/next to an active volcano
    30 - Hike the Appalachian Trail
    31 - Swim with dolphins
    32 - See the northern lights
    33 - Trans-Siberian train Journey (Moscow to Vladivostok)
    34 - Visit Cuba
    35 - Break a world record/get in the Guinness world book of records
    36 - Ride on an elephant
    37 - Go fishing for Salmon (upstream)
    38 - Go on a 100 day cruise
    39 - Circumnavigate the world in an aircraft
    40 - Go to a Soccer World Cup in Brazil or Spain
    41 - Ride a Bull
    42 - Amtrak through North America
    43 - Bungee Jumping
    44 - Shark Cage Diving (South Africa) Great White Sharks
    45 - Dive with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez
    46 - Jump off a high cliff into the ocean
    47 - Attend Def Con
    48 - Whitewater Raft through the Grand Canyon
    49 - Ride a camel in the desert
    50 - Take the Orient Express from Venice to London
    51 - Go to Octoberfest in Germany
    52 - Go to Mardi Gras
    53 - Go to Tobasco Farm
    54 - Fly the Grand Canyon Accomplished!
    55 - Visit Kentucky Bourbon Plant where they make Jack Daniels
    56 - Visit the Statue of Liberty
    57 - Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train, Canada
    58 - Participate in Burning Man
    59 - Climb Pikes Peak (Colorado) Accomplished!
    60 - Participate in Glastonbury Music Festival
    61 - Go to Party at Playboy Mansion
    62 - Tour the Nuclear testing facility outside Vegas Accomplished!
    63 - Go to Lowell Observatory (Flagstaff Az)
    64 - Get a seaplane rating
    65 - Get tailwheel endorsement
    66 - Go to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and eat some dogs too
    67 - Participate in Cheese Rolling Festival (Gloucester, England)
    68 - Visit the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC
    69 - Visit Grand Central Station in NYC
    70 - Tour a Radio station Accomplished!
    71 - Tour a TV Station Accomplished (Channel 10 in Columbus, OHio)!
    72 - Throw a Rave Accomplished!
    73 - Visit Ohio Deli and Eat the Dagwood Accomplished!
    74 - Go to a game at Fenway park in Boston
    75 - Visit Thurman's and eat a Thurmantor Accomplished!
    76 - Visit Pike Place Market in Seattle
    77 - Tour the Boeing factory in Seattle
    78 - Eat at Schmidts (eat Bahama Mama and a creme puff) Accomplished!
    79 - Eat Sushi in Japan
    80 - Attend a Murder Trial
    81 - Write a Cook book (Ramen, PB&J and Grilled Cheese) Accomplished!
    82 - Running with the Bull in Spain
    83 - Visit the Venice Boardwalk in Los Angelas
    84 - Bratwurst Festival in Bucyrus, Ohio (August)
    85 - Pumpin Festival in Circleville, Ohio (October)
    86 - Go to a baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago
    87 - Tour the CN Tower in Toronto Accomplished!
    88 - Drink Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica
    89 - Visit Powell's City of Books in Portland Oregon
    90 - See the Worlds Largest Basket in Newark, Ohio Accomplished!
    91 - Worlds Largest Cuckoo clock in Sugar Creek ohio (Eat at Der Dutchman)
    92 - Bake an Apple Pie from scratch Accomplished!
    93 - Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio Accomplished!
    94 - Eat at Kewpee burgers in Lima, Ohio
    95 - Spend a night in the Ohio Reformatorium in Mansfield, Ohio
    96 - Backpack/Hike in the Wayne National Forest
    97 - Visit the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio Accomplished!
    98 - Brew my own Beer
    99 - Make my own Wine
    100 - Tour the Barbasol Shaving Cream Factory Accomplished!
    101 - Eat at Giordonno's Pizza
    102 - See a solar Eclipse
    103 - See a lunar Eclipse
    104 - Visit Central Park in NYC
    105 - Go to a blues bar in Chicago
    106 - Go to the North American Auto Show in Detroit Accomplished!
    107 - Drive on the German autobahn
    108 - Go to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio Accomplished!
    109 - Go to American Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop in Detroit Accomplished during filming of Hardcore Pawn!
    110 - Go to Cedar Point Accomplished!
    111 - Take a safari tour of The Wilds Accomplished!
    112 - Spelunking Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
    113 - Go Geocaching
    114 - Eat at In-and-Out Burger Accomplished!
    115 - Eat at Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio
    116 - Tour the Coke HQ in Atlanta, GA
    117 - Hershey tour in Hershey PA
    118 - Get a cheesesteak in Philldelphia from Tony Lukes, Pat's and Gino's
    119 - Visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia
    120 - Tour CDC in Atlanta
    121 - Take a behind the scenes tour of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta Accomplished!
    122 - Shop at Jungle Jims Grocery Store in Cincinnatti, Ohio
    123 - Tour a car/truck Factory Accomplished! (Ford F-150 Plant)
    124 - Attend Comic Con
    125 - Visit Area 51 Accomplished!
    126 - Attend the Oshkosh Airshow Accomplished! (Multiple times!)
    127 - Meet Jerry Seinfeld
    128 - Meet Michael Richards
    129 - Meet Chuck Norris
    130 - Meet Richard Branson
    131 - Meet Donald Trump
    132 - Meet Anthony Bourdain
    133 - Meet Warren Buffett
    134 - Meet Tim Cook
    135 - Meet Bill Gates
    136 - Meet Mark Zuckerberg
    137 - Meet Ron Paul
    138 - Meet Stephen Colbert
    139 - Meet Harrison Ford Accomplished!
    140 - Meet Elon Musk
    141 - Meet Charlie Sheen
    142 - Meet Oprah Winfey
    143 - Meet Larry Page
    144 - Meet Sergey Brin
    145 - Meet Jeff Bezos
    146 - Meet Mark Cuban
    147 - Meet Seth Godin
    148 - See the sun rise on the East Coast Accomplished!
    149 - See the sunset on the west coast
    150 - White Water rafting in New or Gauley River in West Virginia Accomplished Both!
    151 - Attend Indy 500
    152 - Drink Mint Julips at the Kentucky Derby
    153 - Do a Tim Tam Slam in Austrialia
    154 - Visit Smuckers plant in Orrville Ohio
    155 - Attend Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
    156 - Get my Black Belt
    157 - Drive Rt 66 Accomplished!
    158 - Drive the Miliion Dollar Highway in Colorado
    159 - Go to the Denver Mint Accomplished!
    160 - Go to Phildelphia Mint
    161 - Go to Printing and Engaving Bureau in Washington DC
    162 - Get a library card from the Library of Congress
    163 - Ride Tail of the Dragon on a Motorcycle
    164 - Walk on the Great Wall of China
    166 - Drive Pan-American Highway
    167 - Hike Glacier National Park
    168 - Visit Wine Country in Sonoma
    169 - Visit Alkatraz prison
    170 - Drive Grimsel Pass in Switzerland
    171 - Hike/Backpack in Yellowstone Park Accomplished!
    172 - Drive Karakoram Highway, Pakistan to China
    173 - Drive Skippers Canyon in New Zealand
    174 - Drive James Dalton Highway Alaska
    175 - Drive Patipoulo-perikaki Road in Greece
    176 - Drive Trollistgen in Norway
    177 - Drive the A682 Road in England
    178 - Drive Siberian Road to Yukutsk in Russia
    179 - Visit the White House
    180 - Drive Utah 12 Highway
    181 - Visit Gettysburg Battlefield PA Accomplished!
    182 - Become an Ordained Minister Accomplished- Universal Life Church!
    183 - Pet a tiger
    184 - Camp out on a beach Accomplished! (Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia)
    185 - Ellis Island Tour
    186 - Attend the U.S. Masters Golf Tournament
    187 - Chase a tornado
    188 - Attend South by Southwest Festival
    189 - Attend a Superbowl
    190 - Attend a World Series Game
    191 - Visit Jackson Hole Wyoming Accomplished!
    193 - Ride in an Olympic Bob sled
    194 - Zero Gravity flight
    195 - Tour Kennedy Space Center Accomplished!
    196 - Tour Graceland
    197 - See a Broadway show in NYC
    198 - Whale Watching
    199 - Alberbuquerque Balloon Fiesta
    201 - Ride in Paddle boat (Ohio or Missippi)

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